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scatter my ashes to the wind

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close ups of fetus fob circa 2003

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If you haven’t seen this gif of Rian dancing, its about time you did

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Fall Out Boy - (2003-2014) 

I’ve been waiting to see one of these evolution posts, love it!

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I don’t think I can take any more thrown at me this summer. So many things have just fallen apart and I’m too numb to pick up the pieces.


this is the first time I have ever reblogged something twice

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I just finished my freshman year of college. A lot of my friends that I talked to everyday I never talked to this whole year. And it was weirdly ok. But those that meant the most, they were hours away. We found ways to communicate. And now we are back home and it feels like everything has changed, except our friendship. You find ways to deal with the changes. But the ones who need to be in your life will always be there because you (and they) will find a way. I hope that helps. It'll be ok. :)

This does help thank you, really. I’ve never been one who’s dealt with change well but thank you so much xox